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About Us

Who we are...

SAHI LONDON is a brand with our experience of many years in Fashion. 

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Why we began...

We are often asked about our reasoning behind launching our company. And the answer is relatively simple: you. That means that every ring, bracelet, necklace, and set of earrings are designed with you in mind - and this shows in the quality of products we produce. No matter your interests or personal style, you are sure to find a product that you love when browsing our website.

We have always been great lovers of jewellery but didn’t believe that you have to sacrifice quality for a smaller price tag. Therefore, from the very beginnings of our brand, we aimed to create a range of unique, stylish products that will excite, enthral and entrance customers across the world - without breaking the bank. So that is exactly what we did - and the rest is history.

More than just a price tag.

At SAHI, we are passionate about providing our customers with life-changing experiences, as we believe that a good piece of jewellery is far more than an accessory. It is something that can always bring a smile to your face after a bad day, boost your confidence, and help you realize just how special you truly are. Whether you receive a SAHI item as a gift for your birthday or treat yourself to a ring when doing a bit of online shopping - you know that you are in for something special.

This is because we genuinely believe that buying something is more than just the sum of its products - and place emphasis on the shopping experience as a whole. We are always on hand to answer any questions you might have about or products, or if you are finding it hard to decide upon exactly which product you want to buy (although, who said you could only buy one?).

Each of our products is uniquely crafted with love and utmost care from amazing artists and professional designers around the world. We have best in class collection of perfectly crafted artistic jewellery that suit our customer’s needs and help them shine out in crowd. Our customer centric approach helps us emphasize more on our customer’s requirements and needs more than mere business profit. So it doesn’t matter which art form you admire most we are confident you will find a suitable product for same at single online destination at SAHI. We are committed to present you a never before online shopping experience when it comes to design, quality, choice and service. 

Our products are more than a price tag, and the value they offer is far higher than their overall cost. 

A wealth of inspiration.

At SAHI, we draw inspiration from the world around us - and as a result, produce a wide range of diverse products that are sure to appeal to every style or fashion sense out there.  From dainty, floral rings inspired by blossoming nature and springtime, to traditional necklaces with distinctive cultural influences - there is truly something for everyone at SAHI - and we are constantly bringing out new designs to add to our growing collection.

To put it simply, our inspiration is deeply rooted in our love for fashion, and our desire to please our customers. As a result, you could probably say that our customers are our greatest inspiration; and the products are specially designed for each and every one of you.

As a result, creativity lies in the heart of every single thing we do, and we are continually seeking new ways to develop our creative expression, bringing our products to a wider, global audience. We believe that there are no rules when it comes to designing new products - and we are constantly finding new ways to push boundaries to create something that is new and exciting. This means that each of our products are reflective of a range of unique international sensibilities, cultures, fashion and distinctive moods, and we aim to produce only the highest quality products.

We do not want to create items that are worn once before they sit gathering dust in your jewellery box, or those that break apart in your hands - we want to design jewellery that will quickly become your ‘go to’ accessories. Those that are durable - and can be worn to any event - whether you are heading out shopping with your friends, or attending a formal party. At SAHI, we work to bring luxury into your everyday life; and do so by adding a touch of glamour and sparkle. We are confident to present you the perfect blend of timelessness and modernity that inspire our artists to maintain the uniqueness in each product.

At SAHI, we aim to never sacrifice the quality of our products - as we know that our customers deserve only the best. Sometimes, that means that we spend a little longer than anticipated designing products, sourcing appropriate materials, or getting them ready to be sold - but this is a necessary and worthwhile sacrifice if it means that we can continue to provide our clients with products that ‘wow’ them. We are dedicated to support and resolve our customer’s issues and queries on priority as valuing the customers is among the pillars of which whole of our brand relies on.

This is what makes SAHI so special! Each day, we go above and beyond for our customers - and nothing makes us happier than bringing a smile to your face.


So join us as we explore what inspires SAHI to truly Stay Beautiful! We can’t wait for you to join our family.